Unwind Massage and Skincare - Professional massage, skincare and waxing services.
"All my adult life I have had what I call stubborn skin.  In other words, the dead skin cells don't sluff off.  This has resulted in blackheads, whiteheads and a dull complexion. 
Since becoming a client of Jessica's, she has cleared my skin remarkably.  I feel she is able to assess my skin condition and needs which gets desired results.  I have minimal blackheads & whiteheads and for the first time in my adult life my complexion has a glow about it. I have tried many products over the years with basically no satisfaction.  The professional products she uses along with her skill and understanding make her an  expert in her field.I give her a 5 star." 
-Geraldine, Tipp City

"I have had a bad back all my life. Then, unfortunately a couple of years ago I was assaulted and my back was badly injured. Ever since then I have had bad nerve problems which cause my back muscles to tense up and spasm often.  I had tried everything possible; chiropractors, icing and heat pads, other masseuses, you name it. Nothing ever really worked until i met Jessica.  After two visits I felt amazing and didn't need anything else but her amazing ability to find just the spots I needed worked out.  I recommend her to everyone I encounter and will continue to be a life long customer!" 
- Lauren, Beavercreek

"I never really knew the benefits of a facial until I met Jessica. Not only are they one of the most relaxing things I've ever experienced, but my face looks amazing! I went from minor breakouts to hardly any pimples ever. I can wake up, moisturize and head out.  For that hour it's all about my skin and my needs while still making me feel at home."
- Katy, Fairborn

"Jessica is very friendly & knowledgeable person...experience was awesome... would strongly recommend this facial to everyone ...more than worth the money...besides this, she is very good in proving advices for her customers that works well for them...5/5 for this facial." 
- Vanita, Centerville
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